The Peking Cloth Shoes Company

Your online source for handmade Chinese slippers.

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Welcome to our Online Store.

Welcome to the launch of our online store, The Peking Cloth Shoes Company, where we will be listing our handmade traditional Chinese slippers, known as 布鞋 “bu xie” in Chinese or “Cloth Shoes.” They make wonderfully comfortable indoor slippers but can also be worn as stylish and light outdoor cloth shoes. Traditionally, these are worn by Beijing locals and other Chinese as outdoor shoes. They have thick padded cloth soles that are hand-sewn with thick hemp thread. The method of boiling, compressing and hand-sewing makes the soles very strong, cushioned, yet light and flexible. The entire shoe construction is made from cotton cloth and hemp. We look forward to bringing you new models of bu xie from our shop, so subscribe for updates.

Our products are available for purchase here.